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This PayPal link is provided for your convenience to increase your giving options. You can use this link to make either a current expense or designated contribution using a Credit Card, Debit Card, or Electronic Bank Transfer in an easy, safe and secure way.  Using this method the church does incur a small transaction fee.  If you wish to use PayPal to make a donation that has zero fees for both you and the church, See Below.


How to do a No-Fee Donation using PayPal (Requires a PayPal-linked Checking Account)

1. Logon to PayPal directly.

2. Choose to send money to Friends or Family.

3. On the next screen it asks to enter a mobile number or e-mail address; enter (Barbara Hare's e-mail is linked to the GSLC PayPal Acct.)

4. Enter the amount you wish to Donate.

5. On the next screen it should show you the confirmation that the money is coming out of your checking, and there is 0.00 fee.  Also there is a note field; you can use this if you would like to designate funds for a special purpose.  If you leave it blank, it just goes to the general expense fund.

6. Click Send.

7. Once the completed transaction appears on your Summary page, if you click on it, it will show as Type

"Payment For Good Shepherd Lutheran Church."